Have You Ever Had Pain or Discomfort in Your Body That Doesn’t Go Away? Do You Find That Moving Through the Day is Painful and Hard For You? Have You Ever Felt That You Weren’t Getting the Attention You Needed in Regular Therapy Settings?

…Then This is a Great Place to Come.


My specialty is to relieve pain and dysfunction, by finding and releasing restrictions within the soft tissues of the body using  CranioSacral Therapy & Jones Counterstrain Therapy technique, which are hands on, light contact techniques for pain management. My intention is for you to have a significant decrease of your symptoms within three sessions.

Are you a person …

  • Who Realizes That the Modality of Touch is a Powerful Way to Heal…
  • Who is Open to New Ways of Healing and Working With the Body…
  • Who Can Commit to the Process of Healing, and Do You Know the Power of Partnering to Achieve the Goal of Your Healing…?

…Then I Believe That You Can Make Good Progress Here.

As my client you can count on me…

Our Testimonials

Hi and welcome.

My name is Gary Collins. I have over 20 years of experience in relieving pain and easing dysfunction with my clients.

I was drawn to this work because I like to help people with the pain they might have. My years of experience as a Physical Therapist, and also a Massage Therapist, have brought me to a level of proficient familiarity with light touch, soft tissue techniques that find and treat tightness and restriction within fascia, muscle and other soft tissues of the body, therby releasing the pain that comes from those restrictions.

I opened Gary Collins, Hands on Healing to offer more effective healing options to those suffering from pain or dysfunction – whether from chronic pain, car accident or other health reasons – and I welcome the chance to help you find relief!

“There is great beauty in life and in the world. All I have to do is open my eyes to see it, hear it, taste it…

Whether you call it Karma, the Golden Rule, or the Great Commandment… relationships are the only thing that really matter. All we have is one another.

We are all One.”

"I have been a client of Gary's for more than one year. He is very personable. I suffer from low back pain and fibromyalgia." -Dona Scarborough in Abilene, TX | Aug 10, 2017
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"Gary Collins has really helped me. His efforts enabled me to start getting stronger quicker. He has been pleasant while still pushing me to my goals." -Trisha R Norsworthy in Abilene, TX | Jul 07, 2017
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"Gary has helped me tremendously as I recover from my past medical issues. Although not fully recovered, I still see Gary on a regular basis and he has helped speed up the recovery process." -Judd White in Abilene, TX | Jun 01, 2017
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