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 -Cynthia Winters in Abilene, TX | Dec 06, 2017
Gary is such a terrific person and is obviously very good at what he does. I showed visual improvement in just two sessions! He is gently pushing and encouraging me to get better. I am very grateful to have found him. I wish he would come over every day. Physical therapy is supposed to be tough,. but I feel better after each session.

-Dona Scarborough in Abilene, TX | Aug 10, 2017
I have been a client of Gary’s for more than one year. He is very personable. I suffer from low back pain and fibromyalgia. He has used CST and Strain/Counterstrain on my body to successfully free me from pain. I was hit by a car in a parking lot in Lubbock while moving to Abilene. I would recommend Gary to anyone with pain.

-Trisha R Norsworthy in Abilene, TX | Jul 07, 2017
Gary Collins has really helped me. His efforts enabled me to start getting stronger quicker. He has been pleasant while still pushing me to my goals. I was happy to find a great cranial sachral therapist in Abilene, since this has helped me more than any other physical therapy or massage.

-Judd White, Abilene, Texas
Gary has helped me tremendously as I recover from my past medical issues. Although not fully recovered, I still see Gary on a regular basis and he has helped speed up the recovery process. I trust Gary completely and highly recommend him and his treatment process.