As my client you can count on me…

  • …to use my hands, my knowledge and my instinct to find the deepest source of your pain, and then to treat your discomfort with the soft tissue technique that your body calls for.
  • …to help you to get positive, lasting results within two to three sessions or I will be upfront and refer you to someone with a different approach.
  • …to be attuned to what’s working and what’s not working for you and I want you to have the freedom to be upfront with me about that”

 As my Client here’s what I intend for you:

  • My intention is that within three visits, you will feel at least fifty to seventy five percent better or even greater.
  • My intention is for you to see a more solid, tangible level of improvement, over and above what you received through traditional therapy outlets”
  • My intention is that you will feel truly cared about by me, and that you will realize my hope and trust in your recovery.