Abilene Pain Management Therapist – Gary Collins II, MSPT, LMT

Abilene hands of healing gary collins

I have been practicing as a Physical Therapist in Abilene TX for twenty-seven years, having received my MS, PT in 1991. Most recently, in order to serve my clients more fully, I attained my Massage Therapy License in the spring of 2017.

During my years as a Senior PT in an Inpatient Rehabilitation hospital, what I discovered early on was that nearly all pain and dysfunction originates in the soft tissues of the body. Even when the joints get out of alignment, what causes that are soft tissue restrictions, otherwise known as tightness.

I have a desire to help people with their pain and dysfunction.  I want to show people that any pain they might have does not have to be the bottom-line for their life. I want to show people that recovery and healing from pain and dysfunction does not have to mean “no pain, no gain”.

Nearly all pain and dysfunction in the body comes down to restrictions within the soft tissues. Once those restrictions are released, so too is the pain. The human body is entirely connected, to the point where pain that you might have in your back, or your neck, or any one of your extremities can have its origin elsewhere in your body because of the soft tissue connection.  My specialty is finding and releasing that restriction with light touch, soft tissue techniques like CranioSacral Therapy and Jones Counterstrain Therapy technique,  with the intended result of freeing you from the pain that you might have

It is also a part of my mission to show other body workers, Physical and Massage Therapists, that light touch, soft tissue techniques are the effective, longer lasting way to release the pain that people might have.